It tastes like tap water

New York city “entrepreneur” bottles tap water, sells it at $1.50-a-bottle

A 29-year-old New Yorker is bottling and selling New York City tap water—said to be among the tastiest in the U.S. Called Tap’d New York, he’s marketing it as the anti-bottled water, noting that it didn’t ship from France or Fiji, and that no glaciers were harmed in its making. The city’s water—which comes from a system of 19 reservoirs and three lakes in upstate New York—is almost entirely gravity-driven, and dissolves tart-tasting minerals while traveling through the ground. “It doesn’t require energy or pumping,” says Zucker. “And it’s so pure and clean.” So far, only one customer has complained that it doesn’t taste as good as the competition.

Los Angeles Times