It's not easy driving green

Feds' boasts of eco-fleet running on empty

For years, Ottawa has been bragging about its eco-friendly convoy of VIP vehicles. But a quick peek in the fuel tank reveals a dirty little secret: nearly all of the ostensibly ethanol-powered cars that ferry ministers and senior staff around town are actually running on plain old unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel. Why? According to the Star, “cleaner fuels like ethanol and biodiesel are less efficient and too expensive or are not available at most pumps.” Despite hopes that the program would result in emissions reduction, a report tabled by the government earlier this week admitted that little progress had been made: “The availability of alternative fuel vehicles through manufacturers is increasing; however, the lack of an alternative fuel supply infrastructure throughout Canada has constrained the ability of the federal government to increase the use of alternative fuels in its fleet.”

Toronto Star

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