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Julian Assange fights extradition in a London court

WikiLeaks founder’s attorney says Swedish case for extradition is unfounded


Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s attorney fought to prevent his client’s extradition to Sweden over sexual assault charges in a London court on Monday. Defence attorney Bob Emmerson contends that the Swedish authorities have no right to extradite Assange because the European arrest warrant they’re using to detain him is flawed. As well, the accused is wanted for questioning only, which, Emerson argues, makes extradition unfounded. Assage denies the charges against him, claiming only consensual sex took place. He currently resides under house arrest in a Bungay, England estate belonging to a wealthy supporter. Assange fears Sweden will send him to the United States where a grand jury is investigating WikiLeaks—and its disclosures of classified U.S. information. If the court rules in favour of extradition, Assange says he will take his case to Britian’s Supreme court of the European Court of Human Rights.

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