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Justin Bieber: So hot. Who cares if he’s white?

Canadian darling gets Black Entertainment Television nomination


Justin Bieber: Tween idol. Canadian darling. And now: racial barrier crosser? On Thursday, our sultriest sixteen-year-old nabbed a nomination for a Black Entertainment Television award. Some may raise their eyebrows at BET’s choice. After all, the BET Awards have historically honoured black artists. But others, like P. Diddy, are tipping their hats to Bieber, whose “My World 2.0” hit the No.1 spot on the Billboard charts earlier this year. “The beauty of BET is, if Justin Bieber’s hot, then he deserves to be on stage,” Diddy explained at a press conference on Tuesday. “Sometimes, at other award shows, the color of your skin or the type of music you make takes away from getting the accolade you deserve.” BET President Stephen Hill described Bieber this week as someone who “has crossed the colour boundaries.”

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