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Justin Bieber’s pet Monkey ‘belongs to Germany now’


Justin Bieber had four weeks to pick up his pet monkey after it was confiscated by German authorities and his time is up. Mally, as the petite capuchin monkey is named, will now become property of Germany.

Bieber was busted for the monkey after he reportedly tried to sneak the 14-week-old primate into the country on his private jet on March 31. He didn’t have the correct documents to bring the monkey into the country and he has failed to produce those documents by the deadline, meaning Mally now belongs to the state.

“The monkey belongs to Germany now,” Judith Brettmeister, a spokesperson for the shelter that is caring for Mally told Reuters. She said that Bieber has not been in contact with her or the shelter since his monkey was confiscated and that he will not be able to get it back.

However, Bieber does have six weeks to contest the decision in court, should he choose to do so, reports The Associated Press.

At the time Mally was confiscated, the Biebs was on his somewhat troubled Believe tour, which was marked by not only the monkey incident, but also by Bieber collapsing on stage, Bieber offending many with his comments about Anne Frank, a Bieber bus drug bust and, finally, being attacked by a fan on stage.

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