Khadr held at Gitmo for intelligence

Files reveal U.S. military gleaned info on training camps, militants

Documents released by Wikileaks on Sunday reveal that Omar Khadr, the Canadian who pleaded guilty to killing a U.S. medic in Afghanistan, was held in prison in Guantanamo Bay because he continued “to provide valuable information” during interrogations. The files say he gave details on al-Qaeda training camps, militants and NGOs that supported the terrorist organization. Khadr, whose advocates say he was tortured into confessing to terrorism charges and should have been treated as a child soldier instead of a militant, is one of the remaining 172 captives left at Guantanamo out of the more than 700 who were once held at the detention centre. He’s expected to be transferred to a Canadian facility later this year to serve the rest of his seven year sentence.

CBC News

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