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Leaking shark tank forces evacuation

A “break” in a Dubai shopping centre’s shark tank has shoppers running


The Middle East’s biggest shopping centre was partially evacuated yesterday as maintenance crews scrambled to contain a leak, captured on video, springing from a shark-filled aquarium. The footage posted on the website of a Dubai newspaper showed the water from the 11-million-litre tank pouring on to the mall’s polished floors. The Dubai Mall opened in November 2008. The shark, stingray and fish-filled aquarium is on the ground floor and boasts the world’s largest acrylic viewing panel. “They told me that the aquarium exploded,” an employee of an affected shop said on condition of anonymity. It is the latest building safety problem for Emaar—the company that owns the mall and the world’s largest building, the Burj Khalifa. Less than a month ago the firm barred the public from Burj Khalifa after an elevator got stuck near the 124th-floor observation deck.

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