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Letterman’s mea culpa

The late-night talk show host confesses to extra-marital affairs


David Letterman turned his late-night talk show into a personal confession forum last night, announcing that he has been having affairs with his staffers and that he’s been blackmailed over them. The host said he got a package three weeks ago with a letter that said “I know that you do some terrible, terrible things, and I can prove that you do these terrible things,” along with evidence of his extra-marital flings. The blackmailer demanded $2 million to keep him quiet, or else he’d write a book and a movie script about Letterman’s behaviour. Letterman met with the man and then reported him to the police, who grabbed the blackmailer in a sting operation. Though Letterman didn’t identify the blackmailer on the show, he has been identified online as Robert Halderman, a producer at CBS, who had been in a position to know about Letterman’s habit of sleeping with female members of his staff.


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