Libya shuts its doors to Canadians -

Libya shuts its doors to Canadians

Mommar Gadhafi reportedly orders staff to refuse Canadian requests for visas


Libya’s looniest leader, Moammar Gadhafi, has struck again—at Canadians, this time. “Brother leader,” as he is known in his country, has reportedly told officials to reject visa applications from Canadian citizens. The move is apparently payback over Gadhafi’s cancelled visit to Newfoundland last month. The Libyan president opted not to drop in after Stephen Harper announced his intention to chastise Gadhafi for the hero’s welcome he gave the Lockerbie bomber in August. On Monday, an assistant to foreign affairs minister Lawrence Cannon said “there is no proof Gadhafi has issued that order at all.” But the issue is expected to be raised in the House of Commons on Monday. Critics charge that if Canadians continue to be denied visas, companies that do business in Libya will be adversely affected. Cannon apparently discussed the allegations last week, when he visited Tripoli; his assistant says that Canada and Libya “are working towards a positive resolution on the matter.”

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