Liveblogging Canada Day Part 2 - In Search of Stephane Dion, or at the very least, free chicken.

12:58:12 PM
Okau, I broke down and forked over a toonie to get a maple leaf painted on my face. It just felt like the right thing to do, somehow. I’m now almost exactly halfway to my next destination – the annual barbecue put on by the Chicken Farmers of Canada – where I’m hoping to spot Stephane Dion going walkabout with the crowd, since apparently, he’s the only federal party leader willing to venture out from the bubble. No. Stephen Harpe reading from the stage doesn’t count.

Actually, where *is* he spending the rest of the day? I didn’t see any other public events on the advisory. As for Jack Layton, he’s in Toronto, I think.

1:12:16 PM
Okay, you know what? There is almost no chance that I’m going to find Stephane Dion in this madness, which is something else that has changed since my day: Major’s Hill is basically devoted to hosting spillover from the lawn – complete with giant screens streaming the stage show – as well as providing a convenient nexus for vendors overpriced foodstuffs. And fire-eaters, and magicians, and, perhaps most unexpectedly, a miniature (but rideable by adults) Via train that toots past me every now and then.

(I’ve staked out a bit of shady grass to write this update, and to get my bearings.)

1:19:19 PM
Okay, I’m now reasonably certain that, despite my heady promise to liveblog the photo op, I’m not going to be able to find Stephane Dion in this crowd. It’s not like the PM, where you can track him by the path of his security detail.Unless they thought ahead and put him on stilts.

1:28:18 PM
Alright, I’m signing off for now. With no Dion in liveblogging distance, I’m going to put the BlackBerry away for a bit and enjoy myself. I’ll report back later today if there’s anything of note to say, but if not — have a wonderful Canada Day,and I’ll be back tomorrow.