Mad Men: Six theories about the end of Season 6

“What if every character on this show winds up echoing Don because they only exist in his mind? (He’s the Mad Man!).”  So that’s the A.V. club having fun with all the theories at play this evening. But, seriously … what if? Quickly now, here are six theories on the finale of Season 6.

1. Sylvia is pregnant with Don’s child.

“Remember, right after Megan’s miscarriage, Sylvia said she could never have an abortion because of her Catholic values. That’s just something to keep in mind.”

— Jen Chaney, Esquire

2. Peter Campbell will get attacked by a bear.

— Danger Guerrero, Uproxx

3. Someone is going to die. has handicapped the odds on major characters. Megan Draper, for example, is at 5 to 1, while Don Draper is at one million to 1.

4. Megan is already dead.

“She continued to appear on the show because Don hadn’t yet accepted her passing.”

5. Don is Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby.

“While at first glance, one might assume Megan and Rosemary are the parallels, it’s actually Don Draper who should be getting a Vidal Sassoon cut and drinking prenatal Satan juice.”

— Margaret Lyons, Vulture

6. Whatever else happens, all of this will most definitely NOT end with Don Draper falling from a window.

“That jump out the window was always meant to be symbolic and internal,” Weiner tells The Wrap. “I never meant it literally. I think it’s fascinating, though—I think people think it would be cool. But it hasn’t been an option. And now that we’ve had this conversation, I really can’t do it.”