Man arrested at Mexico City airport with 18 monkeys under his shirt

Endangered species were purchased for $30 each in Peru

A man traveling from Lima, Peru to Mexico City was found with 18 monkeys hidden under his clothes during an airport search. Investigators grew suspicious after they noticed a bulge under Roberto Sol Cabrera Zavaleta’ shirt and he became “markedly nervous” when asked what he was transporting, Mexico’s Pubic Safety Department said. Two of the 18 monkeys he was carrying on him were dead, and Cabrera has been detained as authorities continue their investigation, a statement from the department said. Cabrera told authorities he purchased the “pets” for $30 each, and moved them from a suitcase to under his shirt so the animals would not be harmed by X-ray machines at the airport. Titi monkeys are protected endangered species requiring a permit for possession, police said.