Man bites dog (or at least wins Romance award)

'The Marriage Bureau for Rich People' wins writing award

An IT director in a London investment bank became the first man to win a $10,000-Melissa Nathan comedy romance writing award. Farahad wrote The Marriage Bureau for Rich People, set in the world of Indian arranged marriages, in 300-word chunks on the train to work. Zama is the first man to win the award, and was the only male author on a shortlist of six. His debut traces the travails of Mr Ali who, bored with his retirement, sets up a marriage bureau in the Indian coastal town of Vizag, which is also Zama¹s home town. “It’s a little bit unusual that a man is writing in this genre,” said Zama, ³but my book is not a typical chick lit book. It’s set in India, and deals with reasonably serious topics‹but at heart it is a romantic novel.” The judges agreed. One of them, bestselling author Sophie Kinsella, said it ³charmed us with its quirky humour, romantic heart and unforgettable characters.”

The Guardian