Map shows Obama and Romney criss-crossing U.S. in campaign travels

President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romeny made a lot of stops during the 2012 election campaign and this becomes quickly apparent in an animated map of all the stops created by statistician Jerzy Wieczorek.

Using data from the Washington Post’s interactive map of presidential campaign stops, Wieczorek explains that he was able to plot 450 different events.

Though, says Wieczorek on his blog Civil Statistician, the data set didn’t include information about whether the candidates went home between stops, so it’s possible there could be even more travelling involved than is reflected on the map.

Despite the frantic pace of travel (made all the more frantic because the graphic is set to Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’) poor North Dakota didn’t get a single visit.

Animated map of 2012 US presidential election campaigning from Jerzy Wieczorek on Vimeo.