Margin of error

Canada Says 97% of Government Stimulus Is Committed –

40 per cent of stimulus projects started – Globe and Mail

No steam in stimulus: only 7 per cent of infrastructure projects begun across country – Chronicle-Herald

Stimulus progress hard to pin down – Ottawa Citizen

More estimates — from the Citizen/Chronicle-Herald story:

66%: “Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is expected to announce in Winnipeg today that 8,000 of a planned 12,000 stimulus projects are under way.'”

75%: “According to the information provided the committee and obtained by the Citizen and the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, about 75 per cent of the projects have start dates that have already passed, but it is unknown how many of these building, water, sewer and road works have broken ground.”

12%: “Liberal infrastructure critic Gerard Kennedy said Tuesday that a Liberal analysis in September — based on phone calls to 1,000 projects — showed about 12 per cent had started.”

From Bloomberg:

70%: “About 70 percent of fiscal stimulus package ‘is flowing in the economy,’ the report said.”

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