Massive earthquake hits Japan

UPDATED: Death toll will reportedly surpass 1,000

A massive 8.9 earthquake hit the northeast coast of Japan early Friday, triggering a 10-metre tsunami that destroyed everything in its path. Authorities say between 200 to 300 people have already been found dead in Sendai City, one of the worst-hit areas. Many more deaths are expected, as landslides, fires, and collapsing buildings claim victims. The quake’s impact could be felt nearly 400 km away in Tokyo. Experts say the it was about 1,000 times more powerful than the recent New Zealand quake. It has been followed by aftershocks with a strength of up to 7.1.

UPDATE: At least 133 people are dead, 722 are injured and 530 are missing according to Japan’s National Police. The Kyodo News Agency is reporting the death tolls is expected to surpass 1,000.

The Guardian


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