McKenzie brother calls PM 'worst thing that ever happened to Canada'

Dave Thomas, best known as the dumber half of SCTV’s McKenzie brothers, had some choice words for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s impact on the Great White North.

The former SCTV funnyman was more than 90 minutes into a wide-ranging interview with podcaster Ken Plume when he decided to, um, take off, eh?

“Canada’s just such an absolute suck-up to America,” he said.

“This guy that’s in there right now, Harper, is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to Canada. And where Canada had a definition and an identity at one time, with people like Pierre Elliott Trudeau, now it’s just like you’ve got this bird-eyed freak running the country — that’s just — he was in Bush’s pocket, he’s in the pockets of big business. He is the most insidiously conservative — eroding the liberties of Canadians at such an incredible rate that it would make Americans go to their cellars and get their muskets and start shooting. It’s unbelievable.”

No word yet on whether the Prime Minister thought this was a ‘beauty’ topic.

Find the clip here.




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