Mercer turns down job offer at proposed Sun TV News

Political satirist opts to stick with CBC

After proposing a “controversially Canadian” specialty news channel this week, Sun TV News made a play to make political satirist Rick Mercer part of its prime-time line-up. Mercer confirmed that he met with the newly hired Quebecor vice-president Kory Teneycke “a while ago,” and was offered a job with the proposed conservative news network. Seen as the crown jewel of Canadian content, the Rick Mercer Report has been eyed by rival broadcasters in the past. The show is privately produced and renewed by CBC on a year-to-year basis, allowing other networks to inquire about its availability. Now in its seventh season, the show averaged over one million viewers a week last season. But when it came down to it, Mercer said he’s happy with his relationship with CBC and will stay with the network. Mercer said although he was intrigued by the idea of starting a new network, he decided to “dance with the one that brung me,” borrowing a phrase from former prime minister Brian Mulroney. Mercer wished the new venture luck and called Teneycke “a smart fellow.” Sun TV News is planned to launch in January 2011, pending CRTC license approval.

Toronto Star