Merci, salut la visite -

Merci, salut la visite


It’s not without a tinge of sadness that we here at Maclean’s Blog Central™ bid farewell Deux Maudits Anglais. Philippe Gohier and I started this blog in 2008 with the hopes of “dissecting and discussing the filth and delight from the best province in the country.” It’s been a good run, but because Gohier recently left Maclean’s Toronto offices for Spafax’s in Montreal—making him both closer and farther from me, sniff sniff—there simply aren’t deux maudits anglais anymore.

Not to worry, though. I’ll still be blogging about Quebec’s filth and delight, after some sort of rebranding effort. In the meantime, I joined this stupid/imposing Twitter thing. Follow/subscribe/adhere to me at @martinpatriquin.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon.

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