Michelle Lang's Afghanistan dispatches

Calgary journalist who was killed in Kandahar City was moved by the scenery, and Christmas in a war zone

CanWest journalist Michelle Lang, who died in Afghanistan Wednesday, was keeping an up-to-date blog on the Calgary Herald‘s website.  Recently, she’d posted about the death of Lieut. Andrew Nuttall. As well, she blogged about travelling to the Panjwaii distract, where she took some photos of the scenery, which moved her. She wrote about dogs that had adopted the Canadian soldiers and about Christmas in Afghanistan. Lang travelled with Gen. Walter Natynczyk and some Canadian entertainers who were visiting the soldiers over the holidays. Lang commented on how Vancouver musician Melanie Dekker’s family wasn’t thrilled about her spending Christmas in a war zone. But the reporter, who was due home on Jan. 22, never mentioned how her own family was coping with her six-week secondment.

Calgary Herald

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