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Missing on Twitter: Justin Bieber’s tweets

What happened to Justin Bieber’s Twitter stream?


Noted on Saturday night:

There was much debate about whether or not Bieber’s Twitter account was actually hacked — some suggest it has merely been suspended. No matter, with 30,000,000-plus followers, there was a lot of concern and upset in the twitterverse:

Missing from Twitter: Justin Bieber’s tweets

There was trouble in Bieleberland on Saturday night when the pop star’s Twitter account turned up empty. (OMG, etc.) Some suggested he’d been hacked, others offered that might all be a publicity stunt. Calmer voices suggested Twitter had suspended @justinbieber:

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No tweets from Bieber. 35 million fans shed a tear. http://yfrog.com/obwvceljTim Haines
did Justin Bieber block me I can’t see his tweets http://pic.twitter.com/TnUFcrXjkTHaley
Justin Bieber’s Twitter GOT HACKED?Vivien N
Im dying it shows that justin bieber does not have any tweets. That hacker just upset like 30 million girls watchout http://pic.twitter.com/tdFEfK3ZrxNatalie Pedone
OMG!!!! JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! TWEETS!!! IM PANICKING!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! http://pic.twitter.com/0FipE8UalP?Fizza
Is Justin Bieber hacked?Jc Caylen
his tweets are deleted but in my favorites some are still there????? http://pic.twitter.com/IhrqR1Fv06chloe
@CassidyRae3194 random tweets. During this bieber thing http://pic.twitter.com/F5g9ttv6LsMeghan
His 2011 tweets are still here http://pic.twitter.com/JXU0Vyx3Wrg(l)u(ke)rjot
What’s happened to Justin Bieber’s twitter account? Why is my phone telling me that these are his most recent tweets http://pic.twitter.com/FnAN043mViNicola Bieber
Omg seriously,what happened to Justins tweets? :o #WeWantJustinsTwitterBackJustin’s Girlfriend
Hahahaha Justin Bieber got hacked. Get ready for the mob of crying 8 year olds.Hannah
While some suggested Bieber had been hacked, others pointed out that his account had been suspended:
Justin Bieber wasn’t hacked -.-Turtle ?
RT @LOREN_nd_ROBERT: Justin Bieber wasn’t hacked. http://pic.twitter.com/rQVelMkng7osnapitsaul
By early Sunday morning, Bieber’s tweets were returning slowly to the account. 
Justin bieber tweets are coming back i’m so grateful!ForeverBelieber™
And this just in … 
hiJustin Bieber

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