Montreal/Haiti fundraiser

For those of you in the 514 who a) like to drink; and b) have a gigantic, outsized heart beating in your chest can head on down to one, two, three or even four of Montreal’s choicest watering holes and get wet while supporting a good cause.  Both Blizzarts and Blue Dog are donating a big chunk of their sales tonight to Partners In Health, a grassroots health organization with a heavy presence in Haiti; Sparrow, meanwhile, will do the same with a percentage of its food sales (the burger will break that big heart of yours, let me tell you…) More info is available à la facebook here.

On Friday, meanwhile, the hirsute gents at Korova will give a percentage of drink sales and take up a volunteer collection at the door, with proceeds going to Oxfam Québec.

It’s a hell of a decent thing, so come one, come all.