Nanny has "nothing to hide"

Grace Rwaramba to reveal details of Michael Jackson’s drug use

Grace Rwaramba, former nanny for Michael Jackson’s children, has promised to “reveal all” she knows about the King of Pop’s drug habits to the police. For years, Rwaramba—first hired by Michael in 1991—was privy to the most intimate details of Jackson’s life. In particular, she was well-positioned to observe how Michael’s prescription pill addiction was being fueled by enabling doctors. But last year, Rwaramba was fired—allegedly for fighting with the star about his drug use. She has remained silent since then, but today, she will give a deposition to Los Angeles police who are investigating Jackson’s sudden death.

Rwaramba has not surprisingly been the subject of tabloid headlines, including that she used her position in the Jackson family to enrich herself. Many of those rumours have been fed to news outlets by the Nation of Islam workers who surrounded Jackson in his final years. It was Michael Amir, top aide to Jackson and Nation of Islam member, who fired Rwaramba back in 2008. But the Jackson family is standing by the former babysitter, encouraging her to spend time with the children she used to care for. Rwaramba has insisted that she has “absolutely nothing to hide.”

The Daily Beast