North and South Korea exchange gunfire at border -

North and South Korea exchange gunfire at border

Brief flare-up occurs before reunion of families divided by Korean war


Tensions are at a boiling point along the border running between North and South Korea as gunfire was exchanged between soldiers on Friday. South Korean officials say soldiers from the north fired across the demilitarized zone at one of their guard posts, which then retaliated with three shots under the rules of engagement. There was no damage and this is the first time ground troops have fired at each other in two years, but the incident follows several naval standoffs, including one where a South Korean warship was torpedoed, killing 46 sailors. The scuffle comes just before a group of hundreds of elderly Koreans were set to unite with long-lost loves ones from across the border over the weekend, and while troops are on high alert in the lead up to the G20 conference scheduled for Nov. 11 and 12.

Christian Science Monitor

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