Nothing kills those recession blahs like a gun

The largest ever firing range opens in Virginia

Even in a recession (correction: especially in a recession) Americans love to shoot their guns. A company in Virginia has opened the largest-ever firing range in the United States, complete with 65,000 square feet of training classrooms and “scenario areas,” such as airplanes, pool halls and a living room. That way, if someone breaks into your house—or you spot a rival gangster while he’s shooting pool—you’ll be ready. “It is unrealistic for anyone to think you will always be engaging or defending from a fixed position, where someone is just directly in front of you,” says Scott Marquez, president of the Silver Eagle Group Training Facility and Private Club, in Ashburn. “A lot of people in this area and around the country carry a firearm for self defence, yet have very little training.” Sign up for the “Founder’s Package” and Marquez will throw in a $1,000 Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle (for self defence, of course).
The Washington Times