Ottawa notifies 3,872 public servants that they could lose their jobs; Parks Canada takes biggest hit

The CBC is reporting that more than 3,000 federal workers are about to receive notices stating that they belong in a department or agency that will have to cut jobs, in accordance with the latest Conservative federal budget. The government has vowed to cut 19,200 jobs to save $5.2-billion a year.

Parks Canada will receive the bulk of the 1,689 “affected notices” sent out today.

From CBC:

Not all those who get affected notices will lose their jobs — the notices mean they are part of a unit that will see cuts, and are at risk of being laid off. In Parks Canada, for example, 638 jobs have been declared surplus. But it could be months before staff find out whose jobs are safe.

The affected workers include people at national historic sites and national parks.

From the Globe:

The affected Parks Canada workers include scientists, engineers, technicians, mechanics, carpenters and program managers. Further, seasonal workers are being told their seasons and hours of work will be shortened.