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A sampling of feedback on Maclean's this week

Our readers tweet

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Our story Justin Bieber: 
Twitter user promises stolen videos of Justin #Bieber at noon. Is it for real, or a PR stunt?’s Magazine
The response: 
News. Died Oct 12, 2012. RIP. RT @MacleansMag Twitter user promises stolen videos of Justin #Bieber at noon.Stephen Taylor
Tiger Beat called, they are mad you are swaggerjacking them RT @MacleansMag Twitter user promises stolen videos of Justin #Bieber at noon.Neil Edmondson
@stephen_taylor Bieber is one of some three dozen stories on our homepage, so suggest your obituary may be premature.Maclean’s Magazine
Our blog post on the latest health news:
What to expect when you’re expecting? Crazy headlines about pregnancy scares #macleansMaclean’s Magazine
The reply: 
@MacleansMag #macleans Oh goodie more women’s mag stuff. Is this really newsmagazine worthy? Wait, I get it: macleans not a real newsmagWG Smith
Our issue featuring 26 pages on Justin Trudeau and subsequent web coverage: 
Exclusive interview: Justin Trudeau on his own terms: He’s the most popular politician in Canada—and not just be…’s Canada
Video: Sitting down for coffee with Justin Trudeau: On why he wasn’t going to run, and what ultimately changed his mind’s Canada
A sampling of reader feedback: 
Did the #LPC pay for the latest issue of @MacleansMag ? It seemed like front to back cover was all of justin #TrudeauCameron Stonehouse
26-page Justin Trudeau special! Thank you @MacleansMag #mademydayLaura Song
Dear #NDP, new Macleans has a TWENTY-SIX PAGE SECTION on Justin Trudeau. Eat. Your. Heart. Out. #cdnpoIiDavid Valentin
Saw the Macleans Justin Trudeau edition. Like my sister’s 16 magazine in the 70’s, Donny Osmond on every page.Ron J.
I’ve just cancelled my subscription to @MacleansMag – not enough Justin Trudeau coverage. #cdnpoliJeffrey Ferrier
Oh puke: "Exclusive interview: Justin Trudeau on his own terms" Skoreyko
By the numbers: @MacleansMag homepage has the word ‘Trudeau’ 13 times and 3 distinct pictures of @justinpjtrudeau (all from his good side).Darrell Mast
@darrellmast Does he have a bad side?Maclean’s Magazine
RT @MacleansMag: "Does he have a bad side?" – I don’t know, but you could ask @thebrazmanDarrell Mast
On Canada’s Best Restaurants: 
#Fridayreads + #TravelTuesday! @MacleansMag’s fab issue: #Canada’s Best Restaurants! #foodies #tip Lum
Getting tired of people bitching about the Maclean’s list. #thenegativityisstiflingthe blue door
Lunch date: let’s see what all the Maclean’s hype is about- followed by a Tom Yum soup chaser @TheSmokinBuddha
On The Instigator, a new book by our Jonathon Gatehouse:
READING RECOMMENDATION: @MacleansMag senior writer @JonGatehouse thorough examination of #NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman Gorman
And, well, this … 
Maclean’s solves the newsstand – give readers three covers! Over to you, four-front Walrus. Ladurantaye
Julia was having fun decorating maclean’s……. #loveher Kaczor
Way too excited that my Maclean’s subscription finally came in the mail #nerdlifeEmily Cheetham
Now you’re just being indecisive, Maclean’s…