Peter Penashue takes a question, sort of

Here's his answer with bonus reply to that reply via Twitter

Peter Penashue takes a question

The Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs has done things, seen people

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Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Penashue was asked today for an update on interprovincial meetings. 
The MP, under fire for questions about campaign spending, stood up. 
He confessed to being a little nervous, then replied: 
“I’d like to say that this job has given me a great opportunity to spend time with the premiers and intergovernmental affairs ministers right across the country. And I’ve learned a lot. And I’ve learned a lot about our country. And I’ve very proud of what we’ve accomplished as a country. I’ve had a wonderful meeting, for example, with Premier Dunderdale, with the premier of New Brunswick, the premier of Nova Scotia. I’ve been to Alberta … and, um.”
Penashue received a Standing O for his applause. 
Here’s how Twitter replied to the embattled minister’s reply:
#penashue problems in the House today #cdnpoliBrian Webb
So basically, Peter Penashue has gone places and met people. #QPkady o’malley
Everyone does realize Peter Penashue is a minister, right? The minister of intergovernmental affairs, to be precise? #QPkady o’malley
Just like the rest of Canada! Hallmark card moment. RT @kady: So basically, Peter Penashue has gone places and met people. #QPSusan Delacourt
.@kady Penashue is a very busy adult with many important things to do. #BusyBusyBusy #cdnpoliAndrew Buswell
Peter Penashue finally answered in Question Period #nlpoliWayne R. Bennett
Penashue gets up like a deer in headlights and the CPC cheer like trained seals. What the hell have we become? #cdnpoliNeeta Kumar-Britten
And again, Penashue’s campaign are not the business of government, and hence, not the business of #QP. #HoC #cdnpoliDale Smith-Journo
RT @laura_payton HE SPEAKS! Peter Penashue is answering a q in the HoC. On intergovernmental affairs, but still. He has a voice. #hwKeith Dunne
Jack Harris tries to repeat the alchemy that induced Penashue to rise, but alas, it seems that’s all we’ll hear from the minister today. #QPkady o’malley
so, Penashue convinced no one at all, but he was kind of endearing. #QP #cdnpoliEmilie Novaczek
Huge embarrassment in Question Period for Min Penashue. Clearly unable to answer for his dept. Not humane letting him dangle.Ralph Goodale
Here is one assessment of Penashue’s reply: 
Penashue returns to the house & delivers the most bizarre rambling speech in response to a question during #qp I’ve ever seen #cdnpoliDavid DesBaillets
And here is the video, so you can see for yourself: 
Truly painful RT @AdamGCarroll Painful – Conservative Minister Penashue has trouble explaining his job: Chiari
Finally … this: 
@kady who is Peter Penashue?Cinnamon Digory