Please, no more minority governments

New poll shows 64 per cent of Canadians want a majority—but are they willing to vote strategically?

A new Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll concludes that more Canadians than ever are showing symptoms of minority-government fatigue. The survey found that 64 per cent of Canadians would prefer a majority government, up 12 per cent from two years ago. Now, the country’s political situation looks poised for a big change. Given four scenarios to choose from—a Liberal majority or minority, or a Conservative majority or minority—the Liberal majority option proved most popular, receiving 30 per cent support. Still, the Conservative party was, overall, more popular than the Liberals. That suggests that, despite continued support for the Conservatives, Canadians may be willing to vote strategically in the next election in order to avoid the fourth straight minority government.

Winnipeg Free Press