PQ close out congress on combative note

Parti Québécois program aims to provoke federal response

Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois was rewarded for the PQ’s steady rise in the polls on Saturday with a 93 per cent score in a confidence vote at the famously fickle party’s congress in Montreal. Marois used the congress to elaborate further on her plans should the PQ take the next election in Quebec. Among the measures her government would implement are several that are seen as a sop to the party’s hardliners: the implementation of a Quebec constitution, the establishment of Quebec citizenship, and the recovery of powers from the federal government. Marois made clear the party program is aimed at provoking Ottawa. “It will demonstrate that it is impossible to change the current system to have a true recognition of Quebec’s difference,” she told a news conference. “It is another way to show how sovereignty is necessary for our identity, for our language and even for the development of our cultural, economic and social programs.”

Montreal Gazette

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