Protesters spill blood in Thailand -

Protesters spill blood in Thailand

Street runs red outside of government headquarters


Litres of blood were spilt at a mostly peaceful rally in Thailand on Tuesday as protesters dumped donated plasma in front of the government’s Bangkok headquarters. Thousands had volunteered to have their blood drawn by nurses and transferred into plastic jugs that were then delivered to and poured in front of the prime minister’s office. “The blood of the common people is mixing together to fight for democracy,” said Nattawut Saikua, one of the protest leaders. “When (Prime Minister) Abhisit (Vejjajiva) works in his office, he will be reminded that he is sitting on the people’s blood.” The protesters are angry over a military coup that installed the prime minister in 2006, and say they will move on to his house and the offices of his party until he agrees to call a new election. For his part, the prime minister says he won’t give in to the demands, but that he will listen to what the protesters have to say.

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