Putting the NDP in power would be “devastating,” Harper says

Conservative party turns on Layton’s NDP with days to go before the vote

With just a few days before the federal election on May 2, Conservative leader Stephen Harper is warning that an NDP-led “band of opponents” would bring “devastating” tax hikes should they take power, Postmedia reports. The Tories looked to be headed for a majority, but are now under threat from Jack Layton’s surging NDP party. While campaigning in Niagara Falls, Ont., Harper singled out certain NDP platform promises, such as an increase to EI and CPP premiums and a $20 billion carbon tax, which he said were deemed by experts to lead to massive tax hikes. He went on to say the NDP surge “lays out for Canadians how clear and stark the choice is,” noting that the opposition will bring “enormous increases” in expenses of all kinds, and a “devastating effect on consumers’ pockets and ultimately on our economy.”


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