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Rahm Emanuel doesn’t like Nickelback, honest


The Chicago teachers strike is entering its third day Wednesday. The last strike in 1984 lasted 19 days. But Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has more pressing matters on his mind, as protesters are resorting to dirty tactics.

Daniel Strauss, writer for The Hill in Chicago, tweeted this picture of a sign at the Chicago teachers protest. The sign simply said, “RAHM EMANUEL LIKES NICKELBACK.” A simple, but damning statement.

In an email to RedEye Chicago, Emanuel’s spokeswoman cleared the air.

Asked if the mayor is a fan of Canada’s most popular and simultaneously least liked export, she gave a one-word answer: “No.”

The man who made the sign, 10th grade math teacher Mike Konkoleski, has since made a new one. It says, “RAHM EMANUEL LIKES CREED.”


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