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Rainbow-stuffed Oreo prompts online frenzy


Earlier this week, Kraft, maker of the Oreo cookie, posted a picture of an Oreo with rainbow icing and the slogan, “Proudly support love!” The post coincided both with Oreo’s 100-year anniversary and Gay Pride Weeks across the country.

The picture irked hundreds of Facebook users who started posting anti-gay (and anti-Oreo) comments, saying the company was supporting gay rights.

“Being gay is totally wrong And should be a crime,” wrote Jason Fortuna. John Martin wrote that he would no longer be buying Kraft products anymore since it “looks like you have plenty Faggots to keep your business going!”

Thirteen hours later, Kraft pulled the picture, along with the thread of anti-gay remarks. The picture is still up on Oreo’s Facebook page, with much more favourable responses.

Meanwhile, a group of cookie-cravers have started an online petition to turn the gay Oreo into a real product.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story stated that Kraft removed the post of the rainbow Oreo after 13 hours. It was not removed, but was rather a U.S.-exclusive post, making it not accessible to Canadian IPs. 

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