Rebagliati enters politics -

Rebagliati enters politics

The former Olympic snowboarder will seek the Liberal nomination in Okanagan-Coquihalla


Ross Rebagliati, the Canadian Olympic snowboarder best known for briefly losing and subsequently regaining his gold medal after drug tests revealed traces of marijuana in his system, is entering politics. The former Olympian announced Friday he would seek the Liberal nomination in the Okanagan-Coquihalla riding in central B.C. Should he win the right to campaign under the Liberal banner—so far, no one is running against him—Rebagliati will face a formidable opponent in an upcoming election: International Trade Minister Stockwell Day. Rebagliati cited pretty much every issue under the sun as motivating his entry into politics—jobs, healthcare, childcare, sports, a healthy lifestyle, native issues, homelessness, the environment—but knows his past association with pot is likely to come up in a campaign. “I think the issue has been dealt with,” he says, “and I feel like I’ve been able to prove my character over the years.”

Vancouver Sun

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