Renewed fighting in Libyan city of Sirte -

Renewed fighting in Libyan city of Sirte

Many civilians remain in city as Gadhafi loyalists continue to resist


The military forces of Libya’s transitional government have renewed their offensive on the city of Sirte after a two-day ceasefire. Gadhafi loyalists remain in control of the city and continue to offer formidable resistance to the barrages of tank shells and volleys of bullets from National Transistional Council (NTC) soldiers and NATO bombers, the BBC reports. Hundreds of civilians managed to flee the violence over the weekend, but many remain in the city as fighting resumed on Monday. Sirte is the birthplace of ousted dictator Moammar Gadhafi, whose whereabouts have been unknown since Tripoli fell in August. In southern Libya, roughly 1,200 African migrants are being evacuated to Chad after NTC forces captured the city of Sabha from Gadhafi loyalists. The BBC reports that some migrant workers have complained of “considerable hostility” from NTC fighters who accuse them of being mercenaries for Gadhafi.

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