Republicans take control of the House

Ohio's John Boehner sworn in as speaker

Two months after the “shellacking” of the Obama administration by voters in last November’s midterm elections, Rep. John A. Boehner was sworn in as the 61st speaker of the House on Wednesday. Republicans have promised a bold policy agenda, vowing to cut spending, lower taxes, and repeal Obama’s historic health care reform law. Yet despite the significant amount of political clout he commands upon arrival, with an energized Republican base and Obama’s economic policies under fire, Boehner still faces a tough balancing act within his own party. The Tea Party candidates that helped the Republicans take the House in November have vowed to bring radical “grassroots” change to Washington, which could spark conflicts with the GOP establishment. Add the possibility of more legislative gridlock from a Democratically-controlled Senate, and it could prove to be a long time before either party can deliver on the mantra of change in Washington.

New York Times

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