Rex Murphy has words for Mike (Where Does He Live) Duffy -

Rex Murphy has words for Mike (Where Does He Live) Duffy


CBC columnist Rex Murphy had much to say about Senator Mike Duffy on the National Thursday night. Here’s just a sampling. Viewing notes: Watch Murphy’s hands around the 3:17 mark when he talks about boiling oil.

“Senator Mike Duffy is fleeing press curiosity by hiding out in the kitchens of some of the region’s better restaurants — a not unlikely refuge for the senator, when you think of it — pastry on demand, stacks of crème brûlée … you know, that sort of thing.

“… Wasn’t it Truman who declared, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?’ Mike (Where Does He Live?) Duffy has caught a hold of the wrong end of the frying pan on that one. He’s hiding out in a kitchen, which raises the question: Can a person on a small island be a good senator for that island if he has to leave hotels via the backstairs kitchens under covering fire from veteran Tory sous vide chefs?

“Well, since crawling into the Senate from one of the top rungs on the ladder journalism gave him to get there, Mr. Duffy wants the self-appointed pride of the fourth estate. Remember his unfair and merciless of the Stephané Dion interview stumbles? Mr. Duffy has kicked the ladder back down with a vengeance and threatened boiling oil on those who question his ascent.

” … Is PEI’s splendid representative in the chamber of second chances and lifetime freebies possibly, legally, a resident of cold Ontario? It’s like a mad version of Where’s Waldo: Where does the senator live? Or a math test: If Anne has seven gables, how many has Mike? Dear Lucy Maud would not be amused: A senator cowering in the kitchen, shunning his old friends for a pile of red cushions and a dubious fame. Would she put Senator Duffy in her novels? I doubt it. The real Anne would chase him out.”

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