Rizutto clan weakened by mob hit

Son of Montreal mafia kingpin gunned down, most of the rest of the members are behind bars

Nick Rizzuto, son of Montreal’s alleged (and currently incarcerated) mafia kingpin Vito Rizzuto, was shot to death in Montreal on Monday. Rizzuto, known for his ties in the city’s construction industry, was reportedly en route to his girlfriend’s house in the middle of the day when a suspect shot him between four and six times before fleeing. The shooting has further weakened the Rizutto clan’s alleged grip on the city; the majority of its key members are behind bars or, in the case of Nick’s grandfather Nicolo, subject to probation conditions that effectively amount to house arrest. “The poor guy. He tries to do something in his life and, because of his family’s past history, every time he turns around he gets hit with something,” Antonio Magi, Rizzuto’s business partner, told the Montreal Gazette earlier this month.

Montreal Gazette

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