Ron MacLean to the rescue -

Ron MacLean to the rescue

Don Cherry’s sidekick helps save drowning man


Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean is famous for being the levelheaded half of “Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry.” But in Philadelphia, MacLean is now famous for something else: helping to rescue a drowning man from the Delaware River. During an off-day in the Stanley Cup final, MacLean and Grapes were enjoying a patio lunch when a person screamed for help. An avid boater, MacLean sprinted to the water’s edge, where another man was already swimming toward the victim. MacLean grabbed a rope and helped pull the men ashore. “The real hero was the guy who stripped down to his underwear and dived into the river,” MacLean said, downplaying his involvement. “I just kind of helped out.” And what was Cherry doing? “He was supervising as usual,” he laughed.

The Toronto Star

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