Saddam Hussein's former deputy sentenced to death -

Saddam Hussein’s former deputy sentenced to death

Tariq Aziz sentenced for collusion in killing members of Shia parties


Tariq Aziz, one of Saddam Hussein’s most powerful deputies, has been sentenced to death Tuesday by an Iraqi court for being involved in killing members of Shia Islamic parties after the first Gulf war. Aziz, 74, was condemned along with four other men. He had been handed over to U.S. authorities early this year and was number 25 on George Bush’s most wanted list. Previously, Aziz had been sentenced to prison for 15 years for being involved in the deaths of 42 merchants that he had accused of manipulating food prices. Aziz maintains that he has not personally committed any crimes. “All decisions were taken by president Saddam Hussein. I held a political position, I did not participate in any of the crimes that were raised against me personally. Out of hundreds of complaints, nobody has mentioned me in person,” said Aziz to the Guardian in August.


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