Senator continued voting after being declared mentally incompetant

Former Liberal cabinet minister Joyce Fairbairn is now retired

Liberal Senator Joyce Fairbairn, 72, was still voting in the Upper Chamber four months after a geriatric psychiatrist declared her legally incompetent, the Toronto Star reports.

Senator Fairbairn has been receiving round-the-clock care for more than year due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Senator Fairbairn’s niece, Patricia McCullagh, sent Senate officials a letter on August 13th saying that a geriatric psychiatrist signed a declaration of incompetence for Fairbairn in February, although attendance records show Fairbairn was present in the Senate regularly until the end of session in June.

Before she was a Senator, Fairbairn was a Cabinet Minister with the Chretien government. She was also previously the leader of the government in the Senate. She will now be retiring to her home in Lethbridge, Alberta.

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