Snubbing the hand that feeds you?

CBC cancels meeting with Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore

 It was supposed to be an informal meeting between the minister and CBC’s government-appointed board of directors. But the Globe and Mail reports that after James Moore went public with his criticism of the broadcaster’s decision to spend millions on American programs last week, board president Timothy Casgrain abruptly withdrew the invitation, citing timing concerns: the ministerial meeting was scheduled to take place at the same time that the board would be gathering to approve the 2009-10 business plan, and he didn’t want to give the impression that the two events were somehow connected. According to a CBC spokesperson, Casgrain “asked the minister to delay the meeting … to ensure that there is no perception of an attempt by Mr. Moore to influence the board’s strategic planning.” According to the same spokesperson, Casgrain offered to meet with the minister the day after corporate confab, but Moore wasn’t available. Given the budget crunch facing the CBC, the board had best hope that Moore isn’t the type to hold a grudge.

Globe and Mail

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