Social unrest grows in Haiti

Canadians join mass exodus out of Port-au-Prince

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says Canada has located 53 previously missing Canadians in Haiti, bringing the total number of missing Canadians down to 1,362. The Canadian death toll in Haiti climbed to six on Saturday, 196 Canadians were being evacuated from the country. In leaving, the Canadians joined a mass exodus out of Port-au-Prince, with thousands fleeing the devastated city to find shelter in the countryside. “I have lost all my money,” Yves Manes told Reuters, “but I will give my clothes, I will give anything, to get out of here.” According to a report in Britain’s Telegraph, many in Haiti’s capital are turning to violence as food and water supplies dwindle. “In one particularly shocking incident, a looter was spotted hauling a corpse from a coffin at a city cemetery so that he could drive away with the wooden box,” the paper reported. “There were reports of armed gangs setting up roadblocks to demand money and essential supplies from passing lorries and the UN said that the poor security situation meant it could not reach outlying areas with aid operations.”

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