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Spouse’s Facebook to blame for blowing spy’s cover

Terrorists may now view new MI6 head in his swimming suit


The wife of Sir John Sawers, the man who is to take over as head of Britain’s secret intelligence service in November, has exposed intimate details of his private life on the social networking site Facebook, reports The Times. Entries written by Lady Shelley Sawers, whose privacy settings permitted any of the site’s 200 million users to view them, disclosed “where they live and work, their friends’ identities and where they spend their holidays. On the day her husband was appointed she congratulated him on the site using his codename ‘C,’ ” writes Nadia Gilani. The indiscretion has left Britain’s security establishment unamused. “We can’t have the head of MI6 being compromised by having personal details of his life being posted on Facebook,” Patrick Mercer, the Conservative chairman of the Commons counter-terrorism sub-committee, told The Times, with classic British understatement.

The Times of London

The Times of London

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