Thanks Santa, a Pet Rock!? -

Thanks Santa, a Pet Rock!?

Remember those? So 1975. Here with a list of other Christmas must-haves dating back to 1929.


Buried in the junk drawer of everyone of a certain age is a (probably unsolved) Rubik’s Cube (1980). Or maybe a Slinky (1948). Surely no one saved their Pet Rocks, 1975 was a very bad year, presentwise. Esquire magazine has assembled a slide show of top-selling Christmas gifts dating back to 1929. One thing is certain, they don’t get cheaper as the years progress. Centuries from now, archeologist will dig through the rubble of civilization and date our decline from our Christmas discards. “Ah, this would be the primative Cabbage Patch Period, which predates the Beanie Baby Era—well before the Great Bankruptcy brought on by the Electronic Age.”


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