That landscaper was a complete Nazi -

That landscaper was a complete Nazi


Forgive the non-Québécois digression, but it’s mighty slow around here. Parizeau wrote a book, the Habs suck and kids are getting flu shots. It’s enough to keep a man from getting out of bed.

So, yeah, Nazis. The above picture is a screen grab of a farm in the verdant suburbs of London, Ontario, and referenced in Alex Caine’s The Fat Mexican, about The Bandidos motorcycle gang. As an amateur labyrinthian, I can attest to the difficulty of properly sculpting anything into the landscape, which makes the above oeuvre all the more impressive. Clean lines make for easier goose stepping, I guess. (I’m told by someone who knows that the ponds to the north of the swastika are stocked with “very, very blond fish.”)

The land is owned by Martin K. Weiche who, according to his hilariously straight Wikipedia entry, is “a far-right neo-Nazi political figure and building contractor in Canada.” Mr. Weiche is a lifelong Nazi, a would be usurper of small Caribbean nations and father to notorious biker gang member. Apparently, he’s also dyslexic. By carving a left facing swastika into his pasture, Mr. Weiche is actually declaring his affinity for  Hinduism and Buddhism–not the Third Reich–to low flying airplanes and the prying eye of Google Earth.

It’s an odd but surprisingly frequent mistake among Nazis, who are usually rigorous in making sure everything is right, perfect, straight and pure. Read this and check the picture:

Man, the Führer would be so pissed.

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