The charge: kicking redheads -

The charge: kicking redheads

Three boys accused of enthusiastically celebrating “Kick a Ginger Day”


Three boys at A.E Wright Middle School in Calabasas, California have been detained after violent attacks on seven red-haired students as part of “Kick a Ginger Day.” L.A County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore says two of the boys were arrested on suspicion of battery on school property, while the third was accused of “cyber-bullying.” The two 12-year-olds and a 13-year-old were booked on Wednesday, but have since been released to their parents. “Kick a Ginger Day” was allegedly inspired by a 2005 South Park episode; later, a Facebook group by the same name was launched, encouraging people around the world to kick redheads on November 20th. (Maclean’s published an in-depth look at global discrimination against redheads last October.) In all, 25 students at the school were questioned in connection with the attacks, in which a number of students were beaten by classmates. In response, teachers at the school are reportedly carrying out class discussions on discrimination.


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