The FLQ manifesto: It's okay to read it in Ottawa, just not anywhere else

To answer Patrick Lagacé’s question as to whether he’s the only one who couldn’t care less about Luck Mervil and the FLQ manifesto saga in Quebec City: No, I also couldn’t care less.

Just like I couldn’t have cared less when the exact same text was read last September in a performance at the NAC that celebrated “seminal texts both famous and obscure, spanning over 150 years of resistance and solidarity.” Just like I didn’t care that this performance also included excerpts from the proto-fascist Futurist manifesto. Just like I didn’t care that the performance’s program guide for school groups included excerpts from the FLQ manifesto, the Communist manifesto, the Futurist manifesto, and a bunch of other calls to action/arms. In fact, I still don’t care that it happened.

I didn’t care then and neither did anybody else. What, exactly, has changed since then?