The “Suri Cruise effect”

Lipstick-wearing three-year-old blamed for parents’ overspending on kids' clothing

A new survey reveals that British parents are spending more than $1,000 a year on children’s clothing inspired by fashionably, and expensively, dressed celebrity children, most prominently Suri Cruise, the high heel and lipstick-wearing daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Sixty-three per cent of parents said they didn’t need an occasion to buy their child a new outfit, and 45 per cent shop for new childrenswear at least once a fortnight. In contrast with earlier generations, 57 per cent of parents said they wouldn’t dress children in hand-me-downs if they could afford new clothes. Kate Liszka, head of children’s clothing at British retailer Debenhams said: “Brits are famed for a competitive neighbourly streak. Now it seems that where our kids are concerned, we’re keeping up with the Cruises!”

Daily Mail